The Team

The Atavium team consists of a group of storage and networking experts that have mastered their craft while working at companies such as Compellent Technologies, Isilon, Cisco, Dell, and EMC.

Leadership Team

Ed Fiore (Co-Founder & CEO)

Ed was VP of Storage Engineering for Dell where he was responsible for the Compellent, EqualLogic, and FluidFS engineering teams. Prior to that he built and lead the Isilon System (acquired by EMC) platform team in Minnesota and was technical leader/architect at NuSpeed (acquired by Cisco) and Network Systems (acquired by StorageTek).

Mark Bakke (Co-Founder & VP Engineering)

Mark has been developing data center products for over 30 years, including hierarchical file systems, switches and routers, and storage networking. Mark ran Dell’s storage application software development team, led the development of the Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Switch family, developed key portions of the iSCSI (SCSI over TCP) protocol within the IETF, and as Chief Architect for NuSpeed (acquired by Cisco) developed the first iSCSI products on the market.

Mark graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. He holds over 40 patents in the networking and storage areas. He enjoys spending time with his family and doing anything outdoors..

Mike Klemm (Co-Founder & CTO)

Mike has 20 years experience creating industry changing technologies and bringing them to market. Prior to Atavium, Mike was the first engineer hired by Compellent Technologies (acquired by Dell). At Compellent, he architected the Storage Center and created Data Progression, the industry's first automated-tiered storage system.

Mike has a BSEE from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Outside of work Mike enjoys spending time with his family, cycling, and camping.

Marc Olin (Co-Founder & Chief Architect)

Marc was one of founding members of the Compellent Technologies (acquired by Dell) engineering team where he held various engineering and leadership positions. After Compellent was acquired by Dell, he took on the role of lead architect for management solutions (APIs, UIs, and Application Integrations) of all Dell Storage.

Marc has a BSE in computer engineering from the University of Michigan, and is an avid Wolverines fan. He enjoys spending time with his family and an occasional round of golf.